Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips

Why is it important to groom your dog?

There are many benefits for your dog in regularly grooming and brushing. Not only does it remove dead hair, dirt and dandruff it encourages healthy growth and good circulation. It is also a great opportunity for you to relax and bond with your dog, to carry out a quick health check and ensure that your dog is in top condition it will also help you to notice any changes or abnormalities in their body, skin or fur.

Start grooming your dog from an early age to get them use to the procedure, if you own a long haired breed or one that requires regular grooming get them use to visiting the grooming parlour, perhaps pop in for a couple of ‘getting to know each other’ brushes or baths!

Most long-haired breeds will require professional grooming every 6-8 weeks, with regular brushing carried out at home to keep on top of the knots / matts. It is not essential for short-haired breeds to visit a professional groomer as they can be easily bathed and groomed at home… We take Willow towards the end of her moult as the amount of hair that comes off her is incredible!

We spent the morning at our local groomer ‘Lottie Grooms‘. Willow thoroughly enjoys a relaxing pamper session with Charlotte and she has all the proper equipment to help shed out a lot of the old dead hair, give her a good bath, professional blow dry and tend to her nails!

Shedding to remove dead fur

Why should you cut your dog's nails?

It is important to check that dewclaws are not in-growing causing pain and that your dogs nails are not too long. Nails that are too long can affect the way that your dog walks or runs and over time will cause them pain. Adapting to walking with long nails will cause joints problems and affect their natural gait.

Depending on the colour of the dogs nails it can be difficult to tell where the quick is and cutting the quick can cause injury and bleeding. If you are unsure where the quick is it is always best to take your dog to a professional, they have the experience and the correct equipment.

cutting your dogs nails

What shampoo is good for your dog?

At Lottie Grooms, Charlotte uses a range of shampoos for professional groomers that are natural, PH balanced products that do not contain chemicals. The shampoo she used on Willow was lightly scented with Cedarwood to help revitalise her skin and coat.

Have a look at our own Pure Paws revitalising Cedarwood shampoo and conditioner. Certain breeds of dogs are renowned for sensitive skin and your groomer will have a range of products to suit all skin types.

How to shampoo your dog

  1. Wet the coat completely and rinse any loose dirt
  2. Wash with shampoo gently and methodically over the body and back to the tail
  3. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel to remove excess moisture.
  4. Blast drying after a good shampoo and wash helps to get right to the skin and also helps to remove any more loose fur.

 dog being shampooed

There are a range of different brushes available, and all are suitable for different types of coat – speak to you groomer for advise. Charlotte uses a rubber zoom groom on Willow, which is great for de-shedding short-haired dogs. Slicker brushes are good for de-shedding long and short hair – there are different length bristles for all types of coat. Combs are handy for combing over long hair, around the face and ears and before clipping. Charlotte also uses a matt breaker for helping to loosen matts before washing and clipping. Tight matts in your dog's fur can ulcerate and cause sores and infections.

dog grooming products


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