Dog walking essentials

Dog walking essentials

You’ve said the ‘W’ word… everyone is excited and jumping around the house ready to leave…You have your coat and car keys ready...  but where is your dog first aid kit? a ball? the bag of treats? and arghhhhhhhh what have you done with the poo bags???

When you have found everything, what do you do with it then?? Stuff it all in your coat pockets? It will never all fit in surely? What about the warmer summer months when it’s too hot for a coat and pockets are not an option or at the very least a lot smaller than usual.

What you need is a bag designed just for walkies, something that you can fit all your own dog walking essentials in. It needs to be practical, compact, lightweight and easy to carry.

Paws at Polly’s Dog Walking Bag

This is a small sturdy cross body bag with an adjustable strap. The body of the bag is made from water resistant polyester and measures 16 x 23 x 7 cm. It comes in black and grey and has 3 separate compartments for storing all your essentials. The main compartment is zipped and will easily fit your Paws at Polly’s dog first aid kit whilst the other two pockets have lots of room for your phone, keys, poo bags, treats etc.

Grey dog walking bag

You can accessorise your bag with our water bottle holder which includes a 500ml BPA free water bottle with a soft pull-up drink nozzle and a collapsible bowl that holds up to 350ml at a time. The bowl will fit into your bag but both come with carabiner clips and can be clipped onto the strap of the bag ensuring that you both stay hydrated on hot days and long walks.

Collapsible water bowl

We all have a different idea of the things that we like to take with us out on a walk, I like to have these few essential items with me:

  • Paws at Polly’s dog first aid kit
  • Plenty of poo bags - Many councils will issue a fixed penalty fine if you don’t have any on you
  • Hand Sanitiser - Everyone has the finger through the bag moment… right???
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Small amount of money in case of emergencies
  • Water bottle and collapsible bowl
  • Rape Alarm - for your own protection. The loud noise can be used as a shock / scare tactic if any dogs start a fight
  • Treats - always help in a tricky recall situation!

Everything you need to take with you is already prepared and in one handy bag. Leave it hanging with your dog's lead and be ready to walk out of the door straight away! Your dog will be happier, there is no unnecessary ransacking the house for all the essentials and you can have more quality time out walking!

Dog walking bag, dog first aid kit, water bottle holder and collapsible water bowl are all available to buy in our shop.

Dog walking bag Black dog walking bag water bottle holder and collapsible water bowl 

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