How To Tie A Tape Muzzle On Your Dog

How To Tie A Tape Muzzle On Your Dog

When you arrive at the scene of an accident you must assess the scene of an accident, take a deep breath to calm yourself and check for any danger to your own personal safety. You must approach an injured dog slowly, keeping low and in a curved non-direct movement. Assess if the dog is conscious. If the dog is conscious you apply a tape muzzle to avoid being bitten or snapped at.

NEVER apply a tape muzzle if the dog is:
  • Unconscious
  • Having breathing difficulties
  • Has a jaw injury
  • Is vomiting
  • During a seizure

Step 1:

Tie a half-hitch, creating a loop and keeping the ends long.
While making sure the dog is suitably restrained, place the loop around the dog's nose.
    dog tape muzzle step 1

    Step 2:

    Pull the ends to tighten the loop on top of the nose and ten immediately bring the ends to the underside of the jaw.
    Cross the ends over, under the jaw and tie another half-hitch.
      dog tape muzzle step 2

      Step 3:

      Keep the ends tight and bring them to the back of the dog’s head under the ears.
        dog tape muzzle step 3

        Step 4:

        Tie in a bow. Make sure the bow is tied in front of the collar and check the tape is secure.
          dog tape muzzle step 4
          Our Emergency First Aid Kit for Dogs contains the bandages shown in these instructions. Alternatively you could use a soft belt, scarf, sock or tie.
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