How To Treat Your Dog For Frostbite

How To Treat Your Dog For Frostbite

Exposure to freezing temperatures or submersion in cold water over a period of time will cause damage to your dog’s skin tissue. The extremities such as the feet, tail, tips of the ears and the scrotum are most at risk. 

Signs of frostbite

The affected area will be:
  • Hard / cold to the touch and will feel leathery / waxy
  • Skin colour will be pale with a white / bluish hue due to the lack of blood
  • There will be loss of feeling in the affected areas

How to treat frostbite

  1. Remove the dog from the environment
  2. Warm the area with a towel, heat pack or spray with warm water
  3. DO NOT rub the area as you will damage the tissues
  4. Take your dog to the vets

    Our First Aid Kit For Dogs contains an instruction booklet that provides advice to help you watch your dog for signs of hypothermia.

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