How To Treat Your Dog If It Has Hypothermia

How To Treat Your Dog If It Has Hypothermia

What can cause your dog to suffer with hypothermia…

Hypothermia is a medical emergency where the body loses heat faster than it can produce it causing a dangerously low body temperature. If your dog has been fallen through ice, been submersed in cold water or has wet fur and there is a cold wind they will likely suffer with hypothermia. Small breeds, the very young, old, ill or injured are particularly susceptible.

Three stages of hypothermia

  • Mild Hypothermia – Symptoms start with shivering, weakness, lack of awareness and feeling cold to the touch.
  • Moderate Hypothermia – Following on from the mild symptoms it will lead to shallow slow breathing and a low pulse rate, drowsiness, severe shivering, being uncoordinated, lethargy and eventually unconsciousness.
  • Severe Hypothermia – The shivering will reduce and the internal body temperature will be below 90°f / 32.2°C

The normal body temperature for an adult canine is between 100-102.5°f or 37.8-39.2°C

How to treat a dog with hypothermia

  1. Remove the dog from the conditions
  2. Wrap them in warm blankets / towels / coats / hypothermia blanket
  3. If possible place hot water bottles (wrapped in a towel to avoid burning) on armpits, groin, abdomen
  4. DO NOT attempt to warm the dog too quickly
  5. Monitor the internal body temperature
  6. Offer warm water to drink
  7. When the internal body temperature is back to normal, keep the dog warm with hypothermia blanket
  8. Take to the vets for a check up even if the dog appears to be OK
  9. If the dog is unconscious – Check your dog's ABC and be prepared for CPR. Take them to the vet immediately

All the information and equipment you need can be found in our First Aid Kit For Dogs and is suitable for a working dogs, gun dogs and household pets.

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