The Yellow Dog Project

The Yellow Dog Project

Tie a yellow ribbon

Yellow dog ukThe Yellow Dog UK is a wonderfully simple scheme that is active in almost 50 countries around the world, the campaign is to make dog owners aware that ‘some dogs need space’. The idea is that owners with a dog that needs space, simply tie a yellow ribbon onto their lead. This is a quiet indication to other dog owners to keep their dogs under control and at a distance or allow them to move out of the way.

I have recently read a post on a Facebook group where owners with reactive dogs were asked ‘How would you like other non-reactive dogs to pass you?’ The general consensus seems to be quickly, quietly, not too close and if possible with your dog on a short lead and to position yourself between your dog and the reactive dog. Owners of reactive dogs simply want to be able to have a quiet walk without any hassle.

Why would a dog need space?

There are an number of reasons why a dog may need more space:

  • The dog may have health issues
  • It could be a rescue dog that is being rehabilitated.
  • It could have had a bad experience with another dog or is just choosey who he like to say ‘Hello’ to!
  • It could be a bitch in heat
  • The dog may be in training and does not need to be distracted
  • It may be very old and arthritic dog that would not appreciate being overrun
  • It may be nervous or shy dog and other dogs may cause it stress
  • It could also be that the owner is nervous of other dogs

When you have a dog it is imperative to socialise them for their well being and development but also we all need to recognise that there are times and circumstances when a dog needs space and the yellow dog project is a way of making other dog owners aware of this. We need to make all dog owners aware of this campaign to make everyone's dog walking experience enjoyable. If you own a reactive dog there are also ranges of yellow bandanas, leads, harnesses and coats available to buy.

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