What To Do If Your Dog Has A Puncture Wound

What To Do If Your Dog Has A Puncture Wound

We all enjoy seeing our dogs running around and having fun with their friends, and I’m sure we have all had those ‘hold your breath’ moments where they aren’t looking where they are going, or fail to make a tight turn in through the trees, causing them to run into something / someone. Due to the nature of their surroundings, working dogs and gun dogs are particularly vulnerable.

We cannot plan for these accidents or any others but it is always good to know how to treat your dog for penetrating objects, exposed organs, puncture wounds or eye injuries.

Penetrating objects

  1. DO NOT remove the object as it may be plugging an artery
  2. If possible create supports either side of the wound to form a stable dressing around AND NOT OVER the object – You could use rolled up gauze bandage as a support
  3. Wrap bandage around either end of the supports and leave the centre uncovered so as not to put pressure on the penetrating object

Exposed Organs

  1. DO NOT attempt to put organs back in
  2. Put on disposable gloves
  3. Rinse the exposed organ with warm / saline water
  4. If possible wrap plastic around the organ (eg. cling film) or a damp dressing
  5. Take to the vets immediately

Puncture wound / Sucking chest wound

You will notice that the dog is having difficulty breathing and the chest is not expanding. There will be the sound of air escaping and/or blood bubbling from the wound.

  1. Cover the wound with a wound dressing or gauze and then a piece of plastic
  2. Secure the top three sides of the dressing, leaving the bottom side open to allow air to escape – creating a valve
  3. Check your dog's ABC and be prepared for CPR
  4. Take to the vets immediately

Eye Injury

  1. It is important to keep the eye moist
  2. Use a damp dressing and bandage
  3. Take to the vets immediately and try to stop the dog rubbing at the eyes with its paws until seen by the vet.

All of the equipment you need to carry out successful first aid treatment can be found in our First Aid Kit For Dogs


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