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How To Treat A Dog In Shock

Shock is a medical emergency Shock is actually the medical term for a loss of circulation. This means that your dog’s blood pressure becomes critically low so the brain, body tissues and other vital organs aren’t getting enough blood. URGENT medical care is required when your dog goes into shock, an recognising the early warning symptoms will give you precious extra seconds to get to your vet. Shock can result in serious damage to your dog or even death.

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How To Tie A Tape Muzzle On Your Dog

When you arrive at the scene of an accident you must assess the scene of an accident, take a deep breath to calm yourself and check for any danger to your own personal safety. You must approach an injured dog slowly, keeping low and in a curved non-direct movement. Assess if the dog is conscious. If the dog is conscious you apply a tape muzzle to avoid being bitten or snapped at.

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What To Do When A Dog Has Heatstroke

With the beautiful weather that we have all been enjoying lately, it’s important not to forget that our dogs can suffer with heatstroke. We are all aware of the dangers of leaving your dog in the car during hot weather, but they can also suffer heatstroke from being left in an area with no shade or having continual exercise / play. This will cause their body temperatures to rise to dangerous levels. Dogs that have a thick coat or shorter snouts are particularly susceptible. The normal temperature range for an adult canine is between 100–102.5℉ or 37.8–39.2℃.

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