Resuscitation mask for use on dog following accident
Resuscitation mask for use on dog following accident

Dog Resuscitation Face Mask

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  • Individually wrapped
  • Single use
  • Use for your personal protection when administering CPR to your dog
  • Compact size fits perfectly into Paws at Polly's dog first aid kit

When and How To Use a Dog Resuscitation Face Mask

When checking your dog's Airways - Breathing - Circulation following an accident:


  1. Lie dog on its right side
  2. Extend the head so it is in alignment with the spine
  3. Open the mouth and pull the tongue forwards


  1. Look, listen and feel for 5 seconds
  2. If there are no breaths put the tongue back inside the mouth
  3. Close the mouth
  4. Place resuscitation face mask over the dogs nose
  5. Give 2 breaths up your dog's nose
  6. Check for pulse - If pulse is present continue with breaths for 1 minute and then re-check pulse (1 breath every 2 - 3 seconds)


  1. If there is no pulse start chest compressions (30 chest compressions then 2 breaths... repeat)